CoreBanking Implementation

Implementation handled by Seniors Banking consultants and Engineers to meet the bank’s needs and a better customer experience

The methodology we offer is designed based on our field experience and breaks with methodologies based on standards.

Microfinance Institutions do not always have the resources (material or human or organizational or even infrastructural) of quality to accommodate themselves to a rigorous respect of the requirements of a standardized project management or at least the sharing of roles and responsibilities are clear. We are required to assist the Institution of Microfinance in all aspects, even sometimes in his profession or in areas that require a little technical expertise such as IT or security.

However, we propose a methodology which is based on a gradual and even iterative deployment of the system in opposition to the Big-Bang which consists of going to bed with one system and waking up with another.

This methodology is designed on the constraint of respecting the three relevant variables that are time, cost and quality.

Our References

4 Countries – 11 Microfinance Institutions -227 Branches – 417.500 Bank accounts.

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